Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow? What Snow

Seems like all the places that never, hardly ever, get snow Got Snow. We had a winter storm advisory for today earlier in the week and, not snow, but fog and heavy, chilly rain. That's ok, I didn't have much to do outside the house but I do still have a video (Get Smart) to return so there is one more trip out today/tonight.

Yesterday, I hit some of our newer stores in the newest shopping center, Annapolis Town Center. No, it's not in Annapolis per se, but actually at least 3 miles outside the City of Annapolis. Marketing. It was going great guns as the economy was booming but unfortunately hit its opening just as the Oh No News was hitting the front pages. I had salivated waiting for a Target just a few minutes away and watched that October date like a hawk. Since then, I've only gone to Target twice. But I COULD if I wanted to, right?

Yesterday, I nearly peed my pants because somehow I had missed the opening of This Store.

Sur La Table..oh be still my heart! The clerk asked if I wanted to be on the list of 'preferred' email customers. OH YES!!! I said in an orgasmic voice! When she got my email address (cf the name of this blog) she had a good laugh. But oh dear Sur La Table, you will have to give me some good sale prices you know to keep me a faithful purchaser, not just a Stalker. Coldwater Creek, Paper Source, and Anthropoligie all got some of my money. I never made it into J. Jill, but I will!

fwiw, Anthropoligie was full of 30 something SAHMs, garbed in solid black The North Face outfits (and yes streaked blond hair too - expensive streaks). I checked the carats one of them was wearing and it had to be over 10 carats worth of some damn sparkley rocks. As she had done the amoeba flow with me from SLT thru Paper Source to Anthroplogie I had had time to check her diamonds several times. There may be a recession going on but it wasn't evidenced by the shopping going on in Annapolis yesterday. This has always been an interesting town.


Lisa [strickerin] said...

It does sound like an interesting place, latte ladies and all.

Judy said...

I was there last week and spent money and drooled all over the place. Particularly, loved Paper Source. Picked up a project to do. I love paper stuff.

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