Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Came Early

Well, he actually arrived at the end of November and I considered this my first Christmas present. Thank you thank you thank you dear Cathy!! I bet you thought I'd never blog about this, did ya?

The collage of Patsy was a gift I won from dear Cathy of Big Cat's Emporium and more recently TinnieGirl. Patsy needed an adjective to describe her, and my choice of Pensive won out. Yeah me! Patsy flew all the way from Victoria Australia to land on my dining room table.

In January my wall of art will finally be installed (dh doesn't know about this yet...and Patsy will have a place of honor) Again, thank you so much Cathy and I hope 2009 will bring you much success with your adventures in tin land. Check out TinnieGirl at Etsy to actually purchase some lovely things. You go girlfriend!


CurlyPops said...

Patsy is beautiful indeed and will look lovely on your art wall.

Tinniegirl said...

Thanks Maureen. I can't wait to see your art wall. I am planning to create a special art wall for myself in 2009 and have been making a few purchases to get me started.

Karin said...

Hee hee!

What a great win! Fantabulous.:-)

A wall of art is a fine idea.

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