Friday, December 5, 2008

Putting My Life On Hold

How many thing lead me to put my life on hold? This week I found that I wasn't the only one waiting to exhale with a yearly mammogram. (Thank you blogging and tweetsisters.) I've only once had a blip that called for a repeat but that was over the Christmas holidays and it was like seeing an envelope from the IRS. You KNOW you're ok, but then what if they...oh those theys...found something you missed.

So 2008's mammogram is over and I've exhaled and can continue putting up Christmas decorations, deciding that the cat is in a settled stomach phase and so I can wash the floors, I can sign up for another swap, and I can kiss dh goodbye as he gets on an airplane. So so many things that might have been Put On Hold.

I think of people in my life who are on hold...for the right man, the right apartment, the right job. I get it. I was On Hold so many years thinking that the next country would be where I would be happy, where my husband would see ME, where my life would finally start. Oh so many years put on hold, so many chances missed waiting for what...did I ever even know?

Well, today the gratitude is for the reminder that no matter what, it is today that I have. A day as perfect as any day will ever be. I'm hanging the emotional phone up now. Sorry, I've waited long enough. Gotta run...there's a lotta life to live!


Lisa [strickerin] said...

What a beautiful post Maureen and great news that all went well in your mammogram.

I used to be on hold for this or that but now I feel so much more free than I did back in the day.

Taccolina said...

I'm with you on that one! No point waiting for your life to start, doing it 'later' in a day that might not come. Run around and enjoy!

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