Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Since DH and I got married, we have tried to keep our Christmas as a fairly low key season. I knew how much he hated the overabundance (addictive greed?) of some Christmas celebrations we had seen or known. I had certainly enjoyed decorating the house but when we combined furniture, there was less and less room even post renovation.

Finally we agreed that with 6 adult children, their Christmas was their Christmas with no obligation for anyone to travel in either direction. December would be a time we would do something for our marriage, and we have often have gone to CA for a couples retreat. DH does not like cold weather very much but one of our best 'Christmas' trips was to Prague, Vienna and Budapest in 2006. Cold but neither one of minded it. That may be a future repeat!

The tree saga you have read below.

So this year, we were to go to Florida - Marco Island (Marriott Preview) and then Miami for his conference. However my lingering cold and our inability to get a cat sitter led me to decide to stay home and have a Quiet Week. His gift to me is time and space. We will go to Hilton Head for New Year's and hope for some warming up there.

So with all this free time ahead, what's a good blogger to do? Not only sign up for NABLOPOMO but also for Ali Edward's December Daily AND Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas. This is sounding dangerously like I'm becoming a scrapper but...I'm committed.

For me these are not three different things, but one way to continue to document how I Cook My Life. I may not have an album like Shimelle's above with lots of bought goodies including a string of pearls, and it may not get done even in December, but it will be fun, and it will keep reminding me how good my life is and how many blessings I do have. Sharing the love...isn't that Christmas?


three buttons said...

I admire your low key 'keepin-it-real' Christmas celebration philosophy. My partner and I are exactly the same, mind you a Christmas in Prague, Vienna and Budapest would be a DREAM!!!

I hope to get my Diana film processed today at the photo lab, can't wait to see the results! : )

Angela xx

Jade said...

Hi Maureen, thank you for visiting my blog.

A trip overseas like that sounds divine!! I'm very jealous. Now that we have Jett I can't see us making an o/s trip anytime soon.

Well have a lovely trip and look forward to reading about your travels.

Anonymous said...

I've only been blogging since the end of August 2008, and am totally addicted! So, I committed to NaBloPoMo today, after just finishing NaNoWriMo at the end of November.

I love to cook/bake and write. So, I include recipes in my books.

Nice blog.

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