Monday, December 29, 2008

Bar B Que...Southern Style

I have to say that North Carolina bar-b-que is my all time favorite. Roasted pig, slow cooked, then shredded and topped with a strong vinegary red pepper sauce, then some sweet thick smoked sauce too sometimes.

After that typical holiday drive on I-95, we needed this to keep going. Well pork and a good bed.
08 Hilton Head Trip Dec 26

Bring it on! This buffet at Bills Barbeque in Wilson NC set us back $19. for two...all you can eat and as much sweet tea as your bladder can hold.

08 Hilton Head Trip Dec 26
I had barbeque, rice, hush puppies (those snail like things), fried fish, and some sweet potatoes over in the corner dish. This was my first plate...I only had one more, honest!

08 Hilton Head Trip Dec 26
He had a lot more meat than I did and the yellow on his plate is a fine chopped coleslaw that is common in the south. So are the ubiquitous red plastic glasses.He got his dessert right away - smart man.

08 Hilton Head Trip Dec 26
Yep, there was still some turkey to be had on the 26th, but who wants turkey when you can have Mr. Pig?

08 Hilton Head Trip Dec 26
If it's the south, you know there will be peach cobbler (and banana pudding). Not much cobbler left but we managed.

08 Hilton Head Trip Dec 26
A good night's sleep was had by two, and the next day we were ready to hit the road and look for more barbeque for lunch. We know what we like!

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Tinniegirl said...

I remember those red plastic cups from when I traveled in those parts. I never ate pork like that though.

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