Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Didn't I Think...

Power Cord Labels
from Martha of course.

"When you are crawling under a desk, all the power cords look the same. To save yourself some trouble when searching for the one you want to unplug, make labels from leftover bread-bag clips. Just write the name of each device on the unprinted side of a clip with a permanent marker, and attach the clip to the proper cord. First Published: Special Issue 2001"


BigCat said...

What a brilliant idea. You may not have thought of it but you did think to share it.

ginny said...

That Martha.
She always has the best and often most simple ideas.

stacy said...

That's so ridiculously simple-yet-genius. Love!

Juddie said...

So simple, yet such a brilliant idea! Thank you!

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