Friday, November 14, 2008

What lurks in my Attic

I just came across this sewing machine site and thought...I still have my mother's circa 1940s sewing machine in the attic! It's one very much like the classic fact it may be a 201...I just have to go look.

I have had a fair measure of guilt re that Singer machine, since both my Nana and mother happily used an old Singer treadle for years. If my memory is correct, a Singer man came door to door touting the new electric machine. I was all impressed and really pushed for the new machine. I don't know that my Nana ever used it, as she was used to the treadle and preferred it. My mother bit the bullet and went on to sew many many things for me with the new electric machine.

Of course the old treadle is long gone, and part of me now realizes that I caused Nana a lot of heartache with this fussing. I have no idea why I was so impressed at such an early age..4? 5? Perhaps I was just prepping for the future technology age.

I really do want to get at least one of my machines up and running again. The other one is a Kenmore 1521 (I think that's the model). I do believe both of the machines are quite operational; the non-operative part is my actually using them. Seems like we're back to a good studio clean up, to get a free table again. That is a bit of a delightful challenge tho.


CurlyPops said...

I saw one like that at the oppy yesterday and my heart said yes, but my head said no....

Taccolina said...

I've got one of those! I learned to sew on it when I was a kid, then I had it in England, we brought it here to Australia - and I only replaced it last year. I still love my trusty hard-working old electric singer, though...

You can look up the serial number of your machine online and find out what year and when it was made. Mine's a 1942 Edingburgh machine. I bought it from my ex-boss' 80-something year old mother, who wanted it to go to a quilter.

Taccolina said...

No sorry, the one I had when I was a kid was my Mom's (identical).

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