Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paper or Plastic?

Live or fake?

DH and I are still mulling over the 2008 tree issue. I left this comment over at Ginny's Small Studio and decided to expand and blog it. I am still up in the air about Will we or Won't we.

Trees have been a source of disagreement in our house since dh and I married. With just a bit of his furniture, there really isn't room for much of a tree and he had no interest in one to begin with. However... I prevailed the first year or two and went with other friends to a tree farm. He groaned but did the lights and I loaded decorations. And cleaned up needle after needle after needle.

santa came with the tree

Then I broke down and we got a fake tree, back when the idea of items being Chinese was only cresting the horizon and not the tidal wave it is now.

We remodeled

Merry Christmas

and that year the fake tree drowned in a basement flood.

We got a skinny fake tree with less mumbling from me. It was ok for a year.We saw this in Napa last December and once again the (prelit...well half lit) fake tree went up. We discussed getting a really good (read expensive) one. I considered what else that money could buy.

Christmas Tree - Trefethen

Then we redid the furnace ducts in the aforementioned basement and that fake tree was ruined.

Now, DH said, why don't you get a live tree this year? I wondered. Do I really want to go thru all the hassle, expense, etc etc again?

We planned two December vacations.

So now, I have joked that we have no tree and that is fine with me. Mostly. Almost. Well..

We still really have no room and so I suspect I will end up using my mil's 60s gift to me of the homemade ceramic tree. I laughed at it then but it's a lovely part of my current holidays. I think I will be content with that little tree and have a pine scented candle, and be happy with simple in 2008.

I think...


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Well, whatever you decide on your tree I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving,

Juddie said...

Have you ever considered hanging ornaments on a particularly beautiful branch, like a stem of tortured willow or something similarly sculptural? It's a little more minimalist than the whole tree idea but can look quite lovely.

Artificial trees also need a lot of energy to produce and are also rarely recyclable.

Hope your Christmas is full of happiness, regardless of which tree you choose!

AnastasiaC said...

sounds lovely!!! we go with the plastic variety here although more people are using fresh ones...either way its always a great time of the year!

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