Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hello from Venice

Venice has been amazing...after arrival in a really heavy rain, we have had sun and such mild weather that both of us have done our walk walk walking w/o coats etc. Yesterday, we both got hot with a bunch of bustling and dashing for our hotel water taxi.

We are staying on the island of Guidecca in what was once an old pasta factory. I take that as a sign from god directly to Other than our tour thru the Doge's Palace and San Marco, we have not been with our tour group. I had been to Venice once before and recall it being hot (July) and busy. Well, it wasn't the cold rain we had prepared for, it is SO very much busier, but I am enjoying the city tremendously. 1. I am easier to live with and so is this husband 2. We have few expectations or needs in travel.

Venice is, however, so very full of tour groups neither of us can imagine how it could be in the summer. I don't plan on finding out. We have had very nice and friendly shopkeepers and restaurants, cafes etc. There is not the cafe on every corner we found in Spain and Portugal, but we're finding enough to sit and take breaks and also use 'the facilities'.

Today was our one day free and we got to the Rialto Market somewhat early...9a.m. ish and it is big with a lot of great looking fish and produce -virtually all Italian. No purchases but enough pictures to make happy memories. I had received directions to the market last night from a friendly carbienari who walked me the block or two to point the area out. (Judy..I didn't spot Nigella Lawson but I did see a lot of well dressed housewives shopping and perhaps one day I can just piggyback on their rounds and actually buy.) Prices are reasonable.

Today Dick finally got his tour of La Fenice while I passed on this one, deciding we will be back I'm sure to actually hear an opera so I'll get my tour then.

Today was also a nap day or more just get off our feet and give the body and the eyes a rest from look, look, looking. The stronger dollar is making a lot of things much more affordable and that makes any purchase a bit easier to make tho I am practicing resistance. I have to think...and where would I put this at home. That usually makes me decide to just take a photo.

Well there is a walk...yes feet,once make before dinner and a final pack up for tomorrow's am departure for Florence. btw, the breakfast buffet here at the Hilton Molino Stucky is a beautiful sight in addition to being great. Gotta remember to photograph it tomorrow.

Sorry our pictures are on dh's account and it's a pita to transfer them from his account to mine on this computer.

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BigCat said...

Look forward to seeing some photos soon.

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