Monday, November 10, 2008

Final in Roma

our street...via Cicerone...not my photo
The last of the trio of cities ...Rome...and then home to get back to real life and the gym. While we've walked our bippies off there are still too many goodies to tempt. Actually we have eaten less than we could have...heheh.

Our tour took us from Florence to Rome today with a mid-day stop in Orvietto. What a lovely little town - quiet and fascinating. It was hard not to take a picture of EveryThing. Lunch included wine tasting but as our guide tasting means wine drinking. "this is not Napa". The wine drinkers had a good meal to balance the bottles with and via santo at the end with biscotti.

I had never seen the Appenines before and the 'hills' truly are mountains. We drifted in and out of cloud all morning but the afternoon was a perfect fall day, crystal clear and sunny.

Tonight in Rome the moon looks nearly full and the planets sparkled in the sky. I had my first and I hope last meltdown...too much sensory overload and I get frazzled to tears. A sit down, a bottle of aqua minerale frizzante and my timeout got me back on track.

We're making it a relatively early night tonight as tomorrow is an a.m. Vatican tour. Hello Pope.
ciao my friends..


Taccolina said...

ciao bella e buon giorno - we had such a lovely time in Italy earlier this year, you made me want to go back! And it's only bee a few months.... bwaaaah

Teena in Toronto said...

I'd like to go there sometime.

Happy blogoversary!

AnastasiaC said...

what fun!! must be so great being in Italy right now...wahhh i need a holiday too!

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