Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ciao Firenze

Firenze, Florence, is a much calmer, quieter city than Venice and today is a full day on our own. We started well by sleeping in, i.e. until 7am, and having a leisurily breakfast. Not much writing time on this trip or easy access to the net with our phones. Getting mail is mostly ok but sending is so so slow, that it almost is abandoned. Dick has rec'd a good many texts from friends and associates, and I have had a couple from dgs.

Today a cool sunny day to try and find some shops that are open on Sundays. A start at the market at San Lorenzo and then a chocolateria before it closes at 1pm. Florence has my kind of ambience I think. Smile...

Still no pictures to upload as that would require half a day which we're not ready to give up.

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