Friday, November 14, 2008

Chez sweet it is

missing this..original by ebachetti

I love my home all the more when I get back from a series of hotel rooms, and the move, move, move of trips. Maryland was in heavy fog when we arrived back, and the only negative was the 03:15am wake up call in Rome, the Holy Shit! but safe drive to the airport, and then on arrival the 2hr drive all over the county via Super Shuttle from BWI to our own beds . (Lesson learned about that shuttle - too iffy for time if the day has been super long.)

Now with a new day, laundry has been sorted, mail divided up, 3 cups of tea consumed and not too many to do items for today. Well, except that that excludes the 3 zillion photos on our cameras and phones. We also have to get photos off the Thinkpad since that seems to be acting as if it needs some computer penicillin. (maybe next year one of us will have a small Macbook to take with her...)

I'll be back later with overall impressions of this whirlwind trip to Italy. And yes, I'm regretting that I didn't take that very last chance at a pignoli gelatto. Sigh....

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