Sunday, October 5, 2008

This favorite kitchen tool

Yikes...the kitchen per se is my great joy in life. Last night we had dinner with friends - she's an architect and he's a builder and they LOVE our kitchen, which makes me glow!

I have a couple of Wusthoff knives that I couldn't do without and have become quite attached to the Sankoto. But it is my Cuisinart that really has no substitute in my mind. I bought my first back in the 60s and have never been without one since. I tried another brand - once - and immediately went back to Cuisinart. Just the regular home edition, tho I have a mini that I also use a lot esp for vinagrette since I can mince that garlic small enough to disappear along with the herbs du jour.

coriander raita

Good reminder..iIn fact I think I need to make some hummus today. To see what others use a lot, check the This Is button over on the right. Lots of blogs on Three Buttons list, lots of players.

Footnote: Yes, almost always available somewhere for < $100. US.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Ohh - I'd love a Cuisinart, but they are really expensive here!

Karin said...

Yeah, like Hoppo bumpo said! Expensive in OZ!! I'm always shocked by that when I go home to the States and see the Stateside prices. LOL

How wonderful to see your favourite kitchen tool. This is such an interesting 'This is...' I'm already learning so much!

Anonymous said...

Cool! So, did you make your hummus? Yum!


Taccolina said...

How about that hummus recipe? Hm? :-) We love hummus....

AnastasiaC said...

i just have a plain old blender but I love it - its so handy to have! i think i need a new one actually...i'll have to look out for Cuisinart...Hummus! Yummo!!

Lindsay Bear said...

Very nice, my mom has a cuisinart too! Makes me so jealous! :-)

Judy said...

I'm on my third Cuisinart and use it many times a week.
I just made hommos yesterday and used Madras Curry and crushed red pepper in this batch. A very good combination.
Also, at $3.99 US for 8 oz. I can make 6 Cups, 48 oz. for about the same price!
Cheers from my kitchen.

Maureen said...

Yes, made hummus which is almost always an ad hoc recipe for me.

A can of mostly drained chickpeas
olive oil
lemon juice
fresh garlic
sumac (for more lemony taste)
and the herb du jour plus salt/pepper

This time I used less garlic, and didn't add any other herbs. I just wasn't in the mood.

Nor did I do what I most often do, which is make a vinagrette in the cuisinart after I scrap the hummus out but without washing the machine. It makes a very nice dressing with that hummus bit added.

(Good to see you again el Judith)

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