Sunday, October 12, 2008

This current reading material

We are a household of readers. Books here, books there, and usually no complaint from either of us about the other's piles. However, recently Dick did say ...We seem to be accumulating a lot of things around here. Hmmm...I thought. Most of those things are things to read, and most of those things to read are mine. Dear oh dear. I did make a start at ...putting things back where they belong, or dealing with what needs dealing, and what you see here IS a bit better.

the papers
today's papers

magazines and more papers
more papers and magazines
(Nov LIVING just arrived; I am not anyway thru Oct LIVING!)

bedtime pile
the bedtime pile

current book
the current 'read in bed' book - The Visible World, Mark Slouka. (misidentified in my comment)

More of my reading habits can be seen over on that Good Reads button, and thank you again Jaenaveve for your rec of that site. Three Buttons hosts the whole shebang of This is... while this week's theme is from My Champagne Dreams. As always, click the This is ...button on the right for more players. Loll away your Sunday!


Taccolina said...

Aaah, your house looks just like ours! None of this minimalist beauty stuff, just books and papers and more books and papers....

ashley said...

i usually have so many piles of reading goodies too {just tidied my house post-holiday}. what is the name of the book in the last picture?
:) ashley

Maureen said...

The Invisible World, Ashley.

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