Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is...

Something I'm surprised I like...Cleveland Ohio. Today's This is...comes from Victoria at Earl and Cookie and more players can be found over on Angela's button on the right column...the one that says This is. She's the hostess aka ThreeButtons.

taken on our March 2008 trip

I'm rarely surprised at food I like since I'm more surprised if I DON'T like a food. Shall we say I'm pretty much an omnivore.

But Cleveland to this East Coast snob was called The Mistake on the Lake. Puhleeze. But then DH booked us into a Residence Inn there on our way to Chicago, knowing I like a ResInn, and I was won over. Not just by the hotel, but the spaciousness of the city, the icy lake, the full moon, and oh yeah...the food.

On that March trip the Westside market was closed but I vowed that we'd be back for a shopping visit. Our first dinner in Cleveland was a Cambodian restaurant the small but uniquee Phnom Penh...again, who knew? This recent trip found us going to Little Italy and dining at La Dolce Vita, not once but twice. We went into a bakery first, to be sure of getting some pastry before they closed, but ended up getting free desserts both times at La DV. That's another story.

We each had our first taste of Sicilian olives and dh was won over to the olive camp. I had a Sicilian pastry, name escapes me, that sadly was only made on Sundays. No luck for more on our return on Thursday. So that too is for another trip.

original by crazy lembu
The Westside Market...oh yeah, we got there too. Check out that ceiling - very much reminded us of the market in Budapest. Pork up the gazoo and yes Judy, pierogis - tho not in the kind I'm used to. Occasionally there are small sacrifices to make in life. ;-)

Cleveland...try it, you'll like it!


BigCat said...

That market place looks gorgeous. I've never been to Cleveland. I lived close to Toledo once and found I quite liked it but that's the only part of Ohio I ever really knew.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That market looks fantastic! Sadly, the closest I've been to Cleveland is Chicago (... oh and and watching The Drew Carey Show!).

victoria said...

Ha! i think it's very funny how a whole city can be the butt of people's jokes..'the mistake on the lake'! funny. i live in melbourne, aust but when i lived in country town about 2 hours out of sydney they called melbournians 'mexicans'.

AnastasiaC said...

looks fantastic - you must be a real foodie Maureen!

with the swaps here is the group
and there is also
another flickr swap group for ATCs

flossy-p said...

Sounds delicious to me. That marketplace is amazing!!!!

Judy said...

In one of my other lives as a steel comany mid-level account person, we had a big branch in Cleveland and I got there several times. Near there is a pork bbq place called Lucy's. OMG! Memphis style I believe.
More other nice stuff and people too. Tho, I never got to the market place. Very impressive.

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