Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thi favorite film

Thanks to Hokey for this week's theme. First one that comes to mind is one that I've seen about 3 times...but consider the length - 227 minutes.

But then there was this one that got me pants-wetting laughing. (One of my sons worked in the convenience center round the corner and he got those ...Gotta come in and cover calls. )

Lately, I've love this series but have yet to see the last one. I'll rewatch #1 and 2 first.

Ok film buffs, check out the list over at ThreeButtons. It's also on that button that says This Is over on the right. You can have your own private festival du cinema today if you like.


Taccolina said...

Clerks! (pronounced "Clarks" for me, cos I saw it on the UK...)
My husband and I reckon the video shop at the corner is run by the guys from Clerks.

ashley said...

great flicks!
and thank-you so kindly for the tag-will let you know when i do it;)
♥ ashley

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