Saturday, October 4, 2008

Secret Places Safe Places

Just reading Artysville's post about a little cupboard under the stairs that she was thinking of making into a reading nook for her 6 year old. While this is not her photo below, it makes me think of all those nooks and crannies in a house that serve as wonderful spaces for just getting away from it all.

Under the stairs by Susie.

When we lived in Tehran, in a very large apartment (3000+sq ft), my eldest son took the kitchen pantry for his bedroom. He was just able to squeeze in a single mattress and box springs under the shelves which went to the ceiling. The room had a window which looked to the vast area to the east of the city and just enough space for a small trunk which held a lamp. (The room also had electricity.)

He was 11y rs old and the room became a little sanctuary for him, and our two Siamese cats who luxuriated in the sunlight and the warmth of a small space. The faux stability of the country was falling apart but he had his space and I often envied him.

When I have this space cleared out more, and it is happening,

I want to get this bed Just For Me - to lay down amongst LOTS of cushions and down comforters, and read, and think and just be away from it all...with real life 5 or so feet below me.
Do you have a place to go be clear your mind and let new ideas into existence? or is this still a dream for your future?


RheLynn said...

What a great post and some interesting spaces! I don't have any physical place to go anymore to be alone -- because alone means away from my baby girl and now is the time to be with her.

My sewing area and her play area are separated by a baby gate but in that little part of our house we can play, "talk", drink our respective beverages (coffee for me, sippy cup for her) and be happy in the sunshine of the world together :)

Taccolina said...

Lovely photos, great ideas. Yes, I have a desk -but it's not a space of my own (the room also doubles - trebles? - as my husband's library, he has 5,000 billion books on aircraft in there, it's the guest room, and the place where things like the vacuum hang out). Someday, oh someday....

Karin said...

I don't at the moment. Would definitely love a space that was my own. I need a craft/art space but what often comes to mind for me is a Zen garden. Or a large empty loft space with beautiful polished floorboards so I can roll around and dance. LOL

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