Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On My Desk...October 8th

Some ATC cards have been sitting on the tall table for a couple of days. I hope to get them glued up today or tomorrow. These items came from a fellow swapper and I had to make the ATCs using her items. My inspirations were few I'm afraid.

in the making

But on my computer desk, a new printer. Old one was great but could be erratic in printing color pics/postcards. I decided to stop wasting ink and use one of the printers (full of ink!) that came with our new computers at Christmas. Why do the drivers always want to cause so much grief?!?! It's done, it all works, and I did it myself but feel that the machine was being very naughty in the process.

Each week, more desks over at Kirsty's button ...On My's over on the right. Go click and have fun!

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