Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On My Desk...October 15th

Lord...I almost wrote August. It IS almost summer weather, the Indian summer kind of day in the mid to high 70s. Three desk areas to work with today.

Here the primary project is to get the dregs of some aerosol glue off the cutting board. Then perhaps some ATC work and finalize some postcards. One package to mail later in the week.

Here I have all the contacts from BlogHer to sort thru and my terrible notes to read. I am sooo out of notetaking practice, sigh, and wished I had taken a notebook of my own, other than the little one from my bag. I started to and then decided not to. Mistake. Also big reminder to make/get BlogCards...the mini Moos look great and feel great. I often forget how important the tactile is to me.

Finally...IRA rollover paperwork to finish and absentee ballot to fill in. The IRA stuff has been in progress for a while so it isn't directly related to the current economic crisis but I sure wish it had been finalized in June! I'm sorry we won't be IN the voting booth this year, but la dolce vita calls. ;-)

Now the rest of Wednesday's desks are over inside that On My Desk link on the right. Amazing how Kirsty can keep them all neat and tidy inside that button, isn't it...


Natasha said...

Wish I had been at blogher - it sounds like it was very interesting. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Hanna. You are so right about the second child.

Kirsty said...

Touchability is really important to me too. Moo cards are very good for touchers.

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