Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On My Desk -sort of

Well I have a desk here in the hotel and I have a camera full of pictures, but no connecting cord to show you the two.

There's no real project in the works while we're here in Chicago but I did get some new pens from Dick Blick and a couple of Moleskine cardboard books for Little Books. The clerk ooohed and ahhed over the Staedtler thinline pens which she called top of the line. I agree with her re quality, and at US $1.09 for each of the individual pens I got, I'm thinking we get quite a bargain with these. How cheap are they in Germany?!?!?

Sorry to miss adding to this week's OMD and having time to Look At other desks. This is one of my favorite memes and it's all thanks to Kirsty so click over on the On My Desk button and you'll see what's going on round the world...on desks and project tables.

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