Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On My Desk... a giveaway

Trying to get a good clean up done, and wrap up any undone projects. And Finally, the giveaway for this post.

This is a fascinating book and Sebastian will do the drawing on Friday October 31st, so we can try and get it in the mail on Saturday. If you commented on the earlier post, you're in but there's still time. Yes, I will send internationally. Thank you for enlarging my world!

Kirsty of Kootoyoo manages the On My Desk... meme so click the button on the right that says On My Desk or that link at your left.

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raederle said...

I know the giveway is over, but I wanted to share. I absolutely adore Sark's books. A few years ago I purchased the perpetual calendar and absolutely loved it. One of my favorite activities that stands out in my mind was take a walk to a school (after hours of course)and swing on a swing set. Somewhere in my many moves I've managed to misplace the calendar, but I highly recommend it.

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