Friday, October 10, 2008

Love Friday

Good so 8am Photoshop class at the Apple store, a bit of a cleanup at home, a nice catch up visit with a friend who does counseling at the local, now HUGE, hospital...and cool breezes coming in the window while I practice some of that Photoshop from the a.m.

This afternoon...

I finally get to see Episode one of MI-5, Spooks to the rest of the world. I had this one on request for about 6 months at the library and had given up hope of seeing the start of this series. I have been hoarding Season 5, loaned to me by ds, and now I can stretch it out a bit more. Oh when will Season 6 be released?!?

Personally, I am just glad to be home during yet another Mercury Retrograde in which dh and I EACH left our wallets somewhere. Both were returned immediately with no loss etc but this is so very out of our natures that it's amazing.

Have a happy weekend, and Monday, I'll be at BlogHer in DC! Woohoo!!!! (PS to Taccolina etal....I sooo wanted the t-shirt that said..I"m blogging this! wear but I forgot where I saw it.)


Taccolina said...

Gah! (that's envy re Blogher)

Pigtown-Design said...

Thanks for stopping by my foodie blog! Fresh world is great.

And Photoshop rocks! I've used it for ages and am always finding something new.

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