Monday, October 20, 2008

Be a Good Citizen

I mean a good citizen in the blogosphere. I must say I have not been what I could be. Now I know better and promise to work on reforming.

Which of us doesn't love comments? We know from our stats we are being read but it's so nice when someone comes out of lurkdom to actually say something to us. To me. Yes, I love it. So why don't I take the time to respond, as my peers have told me, to each and every comment. Pure laziness, and I'd have to say some self-centeredness? (Feel free to disagree vehemently with me on that!)

Ms Stirrup Queens has a marvelous blog for anyone facing infertility and All That Follows. I've never btdt but she gave me some insights into what it must be like. If you or anyone you know is looking at this issue, Melissa has an absolutely tremendous blogroll of information on her blog. (Stirupp Queens is over on my blogroll if this has hit a nerve for you. Feel free to jump on over.) She's now linked here also

But as part of SQ's encouragement of good citizenry, she has a monthly Comment Week. It's just starting and you can check it out now and decide if it's a good fit for you in November. Lots of blogs to choose from here. Feel free to hijack that button and remember when I comment, we leave.

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