Wednesday, October 8, 2008

12 Days of Halloween - Day 8

A decadent treat is called for if you have been the one preparing your household for Halloween.

How about Cheesecake Pops?

Originally these were made by scooping cheesecake balls from a cheesecake. Daring but sensible bakers decided squares were quite fancy enough. I have to admit I love any cheesecake frozen, but this idea can also be used without the sticks as I've read that you have to eat them quickly.

(Are there people who have to be told this? And are they wasting damn good cheesecake while standing around with a stick in the air? If you know some of these people, just give them a glass of gin instead. Save the cheesecake for serious eaters who recognize a Pop-Into-the-Mouth when they see it.)

Once you peruse the instructions, get yourself some sprinkles and nonpareils in orange and black and knock your socks off decorating those sweetie pops. IMHO, I'd forgo the sticks entirely and/or make some out of styrofoam just for pretty. Do the pops as petit-fours. Tell me how yours come out!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

These look yummy!

Erin said...

hahahaha!! I had a good laugh over this as you are absolutely right. Cheesecake is for shoving into your mouth, not parading around like a flag on a stick!

CC said...

These are lovely..however, I am of the opinion that cheesecake is to be eaten just any ol way..just let me have a very large slice please..

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