Tuesday, September 2, 2008

World Blog Day...part 2

Oh this is sort of ...down memory lane for me again. I continued to click some English sounding names on the Knitting Place and came to Felting in Fibrespace. But this one was a fun new one to me, and also triggered memories from the alpha end of my years outside the US.

#1. I have to love how clever we bloggers are with names.

#2. She has classes in the village where I lived in England. I was there 7 years and did a bunch of sewing then but never had an interest in knitting or any other needle arts. I did subscribe to the Golden Hands (?) series tho mostly for looking at, dreaming of what I could(!) do. I think the most I did from those magazines were some aprons including the crack-the-needle oilcloth sewing of aprons. I did make some smashing clothes tho, and wish to heaven I had a picture of the wool floor length plaid (maternity!) dress I made.

Here is where I lived...and Beth...you brought back memories.

# 7 Crestholme

That Aran sweater (jumper) on my ds was made by my mother from wool I purchased for her in Knaresborough. 1970

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