Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pay it Forward

I have been the lucky recipient of a 'pay it forward' from the dear Anastasia of AnastasiaC.

Believe it or not, I'm the more patient one in our household, and when I came home Thursday after my long day out, I saw the package...from Australia!! and knew what it was, or rather why it was. My dh didn't say anything when I didn't open it tho I know he was antsy.

I actually opened it late Friday when I had time to look at it all AND photograph it. Saturday my Artist Way group was in the house for one of our periodic studio days,and there was a lot of oooohhhing and ahhhing. We were still stumped with one item.

I actually had a lot of dresses like the one on the tag on the wrapping and I too had looong blond hair till I was 12 or so. (I still have my ponytail that my mother saved wrapped in tissue....oh to have hair of that color and quality now!)

But what did she send???? Ohhhh...lots of goodies.

An apron, a peg bag, some funny Cadburys with Australian animal papers, some of her own tags, some stickers to mark magazines (I do this a LOT), a crocheted brooch, a little biscuit cookbook - and I'm bilingual in biscuit/cookie! -, a packet of gift bags, a little bear (must be a koala, I'm sure...)mold, and my absolute favorite...a set of kangaroo cutters!!! I'm thinking I will cut some toasts for the next Boys Night In soup dinner. Grown men are boys at heart, right?

But now my question...the peg bag (the brown and pink item at top on the 3rd pic). It has snaps but we 10 or so Americans were clueless as to what you snap it to or how you use it. Help!

And now it's my if you leave a comment on this post, the wonder cat Sebastian will pick a name out of a frying pan and you will be able to jump into the fire of a pay it forward. I pick one and then you have to pay it forward to someone else in 365 days. (You knew all this didn't you but I wanted to include this song...)


Taccolina said...

Ooh, I'll go for the Pay It Forward - I've never done one.
As for the peg bag - mine has tabs that button over the washing line so that you can slide it up and down to follow you. I can't see if yours is the same. Perhaps?

AnastasiaC said...

so glad you liked everything!!! and thanks for playing along...was fun getting the parcels ready...i figured you love baking!! ha!!
you can just keep your peg bag in the laundry basket - thats what I do anyway!

kesha said...

The Pay it forward Movement is the real-life reaction to the release of my novel in early 2000, followed by the creation of the pay It forward foundation, followed by the Warner Brothers movie. I didn't write the novel expecting a social movement, but it's certainly been exciting to watch it grow.




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