Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On my Desk...September 3

Not so much today. Well, that means it looks like it looked Monday night. For all my good intentions, birthday afternoon had me reeeeally sick.
OMD Sept 3
(Thank you all for the birthday wishes!)

I am so unused to barfing that I was shocked. Suddenly sitting at the computer, I felt terribly hot and dizzy...burning up in fact...but thought ok, the room gets really hot in the afternoon. I went downstairs, turned on the a/c and nearly passed out. So here I am, throwing up/and lying on the kitchen floor and bless the dear cat, he decides to walk round the kitchen and do some sympathy barfing. I didn't have the energy to crawl over to the phone, and get my husband out of his office. (Does this mean I should start carrying my cell on my hip? I think not...)

I put it down to some shrimp I ate for lunch that my head told me were probably a bit past their time, though they tasted great. (Listen to your head Maureen!!!) Add a good tasting sample of cheesecake for a Saturday party/dinner, and oh my. After my stomach emptied, and my temperature dropped, I was mostly comatose all afternoon and evening. One step above napping but not totally present. Dormant, even tho I had dvds of MI-5 series 4 and 5 to watch!!!

One good thing...I had had a 3pm haircut appointment that was canceled cause the stylist was ill. Had it not been canceled, I would have been driving there when my stomach called it quits. Better the compost bin than the inside of my car....

And finally...on the desk... to be finished, are a couple of art bits to get into the mail this week. I'm more in the mood to clean up and clean out but they should be a priority. I've lost the enthusiasm for that collage but maybe it will come back.

More desks? and less sickness? Check the "On my desk" button which will take you to Kirsty's list of players. Or just jump to Kootoyoo .


brenda55 said...

Maureen, just wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday. Hope you are feeling much better today. Love the "nekked" shot. When I saw your cuttinb board on your desk I wondered at first if you were making the cards we had discussed last year or was it the year before. I still haven't refined mine enough; but hope to this year as I am ordering some bulk spices to make for them....more stuff to sit on the shelf.

I hope your travels bring you to SA sometime. A Thai dinner awaits.


BigCat said...

Oh my goodness. That's a terrible story. I hope you are on the mend now.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

So sorry to hear that you were sick! That sounds like it was nasty!

Belated birthday wishes from me too!

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