Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On My Desk...September 24

A chilly a.m. and all in all I was grateful for a cat who felt I needed to get up before 06:30. He just wandered into the bedroom, howled, and walked out. DH was already out and on the road to the govt office he has been given, so it was a morning alone ahead for me. Pure quiet. All the windows were shut, including the window the cat's perch is in front of, which told me it was Brisk! out. Brrr...too cold to walk with just a t-shirt. So I retired to the computer after journaling.

With tea of course.

Hmmm...walk is still on that list from yesterday.

Yesterday was a full day of playing with ATCs which went pretty well. Since our trip to the beach didn't work out, I thought I would sign up for an art pencil/stamping class, but sigh.. it was already filled. I'd had a chance to sign up before but we were going away then so I didn't. I'm going to have I WANT to find...a fun activity for tomorrow. Perhaps a day in the big second hand furniture stores of Baltimore. An artist-date a week is a goal, and Thursday seems to work best for me.

Do you get to take your artist out for a date?? Where do you go? what have you found recently that made your heart laugh?

Well, I had better go eat my breakfast and put those shoes and warmer clothes on and yes...walk. Have a great day! and check out the other players at Kirsty's blog by hitting that On My Desk button.

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