Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On my Desk....September 17

Today the desk is actually cleaner than last night's photo shows. The Halloween ATCs are mailed, the surplus ones are filed, and lots of bits are put away. However, you should have seen that desk Tuesday a.m. It was a disaster zone, or more aptly put, a desk in the middle of creativity.

If that were all the desk held...creative might be ok but it is the 'stuff' that goes in this room and has to be put away somewhere, and I am still learning where that somewhere should be. Where DOES one put all the bits that are already cut up and/or how do these get sorted?? Obviously (well so it seems to me), not in individual drawers as I don't have the time nor space to have that many one inch deep drawers. I DO have a ream of large mailing envelopes that I got thru freecycle so if I could ever 'get round to it" I guess I could use those envelopes to sort cut up bits...

Other paper artists...what do you do??

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Marysol said...

M, I'm not much of a paper artist, and there's never any room on my desk, as it is usually covered with my kid's homework. But, I had to comment on your Halloween cards. They're adorably spooky.

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