Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Off on a tangent...what a good tangent

In the most recent "This is..." describing what one can do in 10 minutes, a lot of us confessed to doing bloglines/rss feeds etc. Today I went on one of those merry tangents that are so very serendipitous. I clicked on not Martha and looked at her link to The Boss of You's article on fonts. Well I liked The Boss of You so I looked more of their September posts.

That is where I saw this interesting post about Lunapads. I do admit when I heard about washable sanitary products, I shook my head...Oh no. (It's a moot point with me at my age but thinking of the women I know, I didn't think most of them would go there.) However I'd never thought of the ecological consequences, nor of the need in the developing world. Mind changed. Imagine that!

This section on the Lunapad blog truly touched me - Shanti-Uganda. Most of us are so used to the variety of choice we have for 'that time of month' including medication to block or even eliminate it, we ( I ) don't often think of those females who have to resort to rags, leaves, or newspaper. Shame and humiliation are the price a young girl often pays for becoming a women. Many end up dropping out of school rather than be embarrassed. (What would YOU have done...)

Check out Lunapads special offer where you can buy a kit of reusable sanitary products for a girl in Uganda (including panties which many of them do not have) for $40. Think about making a difference in a young girl's future.

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