Monday, September 8, 2008

Love NY? So does Art Cumings

I often wonder how we really did live our lives before the net, and like a couple of jokers, I wish Al Gore had invented it sooner!

One of my first big wingspreadings was on flickr. Now my children still think I'm a little...odd...since I have posted so many food pictures, but when I was seriously involved in the Garden Web Cooking Forum, that is what we did. That was where I learned how beautiful some food photography could be. I also learned how gorgeous northern light is (or southern light for those of you below the equator). I learned I had a lot to learn and a long way to go.

But back in flickr, I made my first contact - the husband of my former workmate- and then slowly have added a few more. I don't have lot since I know I won't be able to give their photographs justice. But one man has stood out for me because of his unique eye for the Big Apple. I was going to save this post for that upcoming anniversary, but decided no. Give the man his own due. I asked Art if if could use the photos shown, and he agreed.
Photo by Art Cumings

Photo by Art Cumings.

Aren't these perfect for a creative writing class? One photo and so many possible scenarios.

I'm so glad to share ArtCumings with you. Look thru Art's pictures and you'll see the warmth of that swirling mass of humanity we call New York City. Thank you Art! and keep on clicking.


No Cigar said...
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potty mouth mama said...

I love the colours too - they pop!

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