Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm doin' this

Weekend Creative (<----This is clickable and tells all about it.)

shadow of me

A Week in the Life Of is the theme. I'm still thinking about HOW I'll assemble it.

I needed something to get me back to noticing and taking pictures. Noticing and writing. A girl can only do so many ATCs, you know.


BigCat said...

I'm intrigued. Is it something we all get to play along with? Anything that gets me noticing and writing sounds good.

Maureen said...

Cathy...each participant documents his/her own life. While the instructions seem long, the basis is YOU document the ordinary of your own life - photos, words/journaling, receipts, life ephemera. Since I don't scrap, tho blogging certainly is an electronic scrap imho, I plan to make a little 4x6 book...just cardstock and gesso'd cardboard with perhaps two rings.

What I like best about Ali is she sees the value of simple, and real. No rules, no musts, just do it your own way...the doing is what matters. My philosphy to a T.

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