Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goin' to Jail

Tutoring day i.e.

I get out!! after 2 hours. Today, however, will be a new experience as I will be testing prisoners on their reading ability to see where they need to start. Many need the absolute basics...book one which goes over the letters and their sounds. Amazing, isn't it... I suspect they were never like these boys.

I wouldn't often comment here about a question but since it was dear BigCat who asked I thought I might just re post my answer to her re the Weekend Creative described earlier in case others had the same questions. Cat asked if YOU play along with me. No, not really tho you CAN play alongside. ;-)

Cathy...each participant documents his/her own life. While the instructions seem long, the basis is YOU document the ordinary of your own life - photos, words/journaling, receipts, life ephemera. Since I don't scrap, tho blogging certainly is an electronic scrap imho, I plan to make a little 4x6 book...just cardstock and gesso'd cardboard with perhaps two rings.

What I like best about Ali is she sees the value of simple, and real. No rules, no musts, just do it your own way...the doing is what matters. My philosophy to a T.

Gotta run...and document my life as it happens too. Tomorrow I have a new 12 part series starting. My almost favorite holiday is coming up!


BigCat said...

Aah, I understand now. Thanks for the link too.

It is amazing isn't it, to think that there are people living in our world who never learnt to read or write. And we talk about progress!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I worked a day a week in a youth detention centre (jail by another name) for a bit. The level of literacy was a complete eye-opener. But worse were the sad stories of the backgrounds of those boys. How can anyone get on in life with so many things stacked against them?

Hila said...

Good luck with the tutoring!

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