Monday, September 29, 2008

Crafty Bastards

I went yesterday!

I am so much of a 'want to be there but don't like the work of going' kinda person. I have to push myself at times to do this, especially to take a day by myself and Just Do It and with a name like theirs how could one resist?

However, the gd#*#%% humidity nearly killed me on the walk from Columbia Heights metro down to Adams Morgan. It's only a mile walk but my backpack was filled with umbrella, raincoat and various craft supplies for the swap etc etc. AND I don't like humid + hot. At all.
Pretty in pink
The day was full of intermittent downpours and I wanted to get that supply of swappies out of that bag and onto the swap table ASAP. I don't think my back dried out all day with that backpack next to it!

Mostly I wanted to meet the human folk of a blog I've enjoyed since I took keyboard in hand -SomethingsHidingInHere . They are located in Philadelphia, the wonderful place in which I entered the world. When I saw their wacky mustache on a stick, I loved it and always look to see what's new for them. Mr. Something is behind their hand made stall unfortunately.
Something's Hiding in Here

I took a lot of pictures, bought very few items, having lightened the backpack I was not about to fill it up!, and had a good but exhausting day.

There was Make Magazine
Make Magazine
Tofu for Obama
Tofu for Obama
Dogs for Adoption
I want you!
and the occasional WTF?!?!?! (click to enlarge and catch this little boy a bit ahead of his years - I hadn't seen that action coming as I clicked)
The ill effects of face paint
bands to enjoy
and money to spend or figure out where it went.(A friend bailed her out!)
A dollar or two short

I was just about to get some Thai food from a vendor when the rain hit. No chance of a place to sit anywhere at that point, so I hit the road north and checked out the offerings in a new Harris Teeter grocery store . Roast beef wrap, side of orzo salad, some flavored water AND a chair and counter to sit and eat. air/conditioning. God knows this part of town needed grocers; shame it had to taken some gentrification to get them.

By the time I got home, dh had also turned on the kitchen a/c as the humidity was one of the awful readings. We even went to bed with a/c on. So much for packing away the summer clothes. Why do I always let MamaNature fool me like this?!??! Year in, year out, I want to believe I can safely shift from shortsleeved t-shirts to long...with sweaters coming out of cedar.'s the time of the boxes all over the bedroom...and clothes coming from this one or that, depending on MamaNature's mood.

Today clear and dry. Tomorrow..well I'll wait to see.

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