Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baltimore, not THOSE birds

Not the Baltimore Orioles (the baseball team) but a phenomenon of chimney swifts who fly into these industrial sized chimneys for a period during the early fall. They sleep in the chimneys at night having flown in as a tremendous group at dusk. The Baltimore Bird Club (aka the BBC !) watches and counts these birds each year.

Thanks for filming this and sharing it Roberta!

CHIMNEY SWIFTS AT DUSK, DRUID HILL PARK CONSERVATORY (GREENHOUSE) Join the BBC SwiftWatch Team for "Swift Night Out" as Chimney Swifts pour into the Conservatory chimney. Swifts are counted and results, nationwide, are listed at Chimneyswifts . Baltimore has some of the highest counts in the nation. Come at 7:15 if the weather is cloudy or gray. (the date for this was Sept 14 but as of Sept 18 they were still flying in. No frost yet.)

In addition to the conservatory, you can try these locations - Mill Center at 3000 Chestnut Street and/or the Freestate Bookbindery at 3110 Elm Avenue, Baltimore.

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