Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is favorite fabric store

It's terrible to pick this as I haven't sewn in YEARS but for sensual delight, I'll pick G Street Fabrics in Washington DC. It used to be on "G" Street in NW Washington, back when downtown WAS the shopping area. e.g. pre malls.

That was where I would go and get luscious material and patterns when I was a teenager. I'd come home and announce that I NEED this tomorrow night. Can you believe my mother and grandmother actually did it????? Perhaps the word spoiled comes to mind. btw, that lovely tulle and feather deal will only set you back $149. a yard. On sale now from $199. but sadly, polyester. (n.b. This is NOT one of my purchases. I was buying back in the 1960s when $10 a yard would make you faint...)

Today, if I need any kind of fabric for's usually Jo-ann's, with a coupon. I think my days of having a personal dressmaker are over. (Tho I have to say that after my years ordering my mother and grandmother around, I also had a lot of years with dressmakers in various countries of the world. Wool, Irish linen and Liberty cottons in England and loads and loads of silk in Thailand...I was much much kinder with paid dressmakers - to my now shame.)

To get loads more ideas of where to buy fabric or crafts, look at that button on the right that says This Is and you'll go off to the list at ThreeButtons. Thanks to handmaiden for this week's meme theme. (PS..Handmaiden is going to be compiling a list of all the fabric and crafty emporiums you listed in This is. Won't THAT be a treasure.)


CurlyPops said...

$149 a yard...eek....heartattack!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I'm with Curlypops on the $149 a yard. I'd at least be wanting real feathers for that!

How lovely to have had a mother and grandmother who made you clothes - and so quickly. They obviously enjoyed sewing for you!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I loved G Street Fabrics too!

PS hmmmm...not too many people who visit my blog have been to Iran and Bahrain - you so piiqued my curiousity:)

bbland said...

I used to travel to G Street when I lived in Annapolis.. Then on to Madelaines for Onion Soup (Rockville) of course. G Street was a chance to connect with the foreign travelers to DC (Embassy).. Loved the international flavor. It wasn't G Street downtown, but then everything had moved out..

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