Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is favorite children's book

pottymouthmama chose this week's theme and I'm glad I have time to do this one while on vacation.

My favorite book? one I won in grade school for a writing contest. Prophetic since I later lived in Yorkshire for 7 years.

I recently watched a movie version and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a magic book to me.

Wanna see more choices? I do and will when I get back home. Click the "This is" button on the right and the list of players will come up. Have fun!


Hila said...

such a fantastic book ...

Karin said...

Beautiful. Great choice.

potty mouth mama said...

Such a beautiful choice.. I loved that book, my grandmother gave it to me when I was young, I remember being lost in that magical world. Thanks for reminding me, I might have to re-read it soon.

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