Sunday, August 3, 2008 Award!

I got an award from dear Kaija . I think my purchase from paperiaarre was either my first or second Etsy one and I just love to think I am reading a blog from someone in Finland. That seems so amazing to me. I told dh we have to go to the winter, and he just went back to reading and shaking his head. I'd love to see Real Winter Snow.

So now it's up to me to award some...oh nobless oblige suits me soo very well!! LOL

1st. Michelle over at Leni and Rose I smile because I love computer literati who can also teach. Thank you!

2nd. I smile when I think of this woman at work in what was a man's field back in 'my day'. The Creative Controller You make me smile because I have lived to see women expand their options in the workforce.

3rd. I smile when I think of Jenaveve over at August Street because she taught me about GoodReads and reminds me about healthy eating thru the low Gi diet way of eating. Good knowledge on both counts!

Back to our regular scheduled reading...


Jenaveve said...

You are too kind! Definitely cause for another celebration... thank you. You've just made me smile!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your kindness. I don't generally look at my job like that - it is just something I do. But it makes me feel honored and special to know that people like you appreciate it.

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