Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Friday

Right now because I'm home and not traveling. As delightful and fun as trips can be, I do like my own home, and I like to happily putter at what I want to do. Admittedly my weekdays are rather like other peoples' weekends but what the h. It's the mood still.

Tonight? I plan to meet with other crafty people in my Artist Way group which I've sorely missed this summer. Saturday, a nice little celebration with a friend, maybe a trip to Virginia for a Middle-Eastern festival at one of the churches. I also have a good bunch of collage books from the library to give me a boost of inspiration, and ...there might even be a movie rental...just for me. Dinners will be easy, perhaps some peach cooking, and if the weather continues cool, a switch from iced tea to a pot of hot tea in the afternoon.

I love this transition into almost-fall!!! (Guess who's a September baby!!)

So what is giving you Friday love today??? This lass started this meme and it sounds as if she could use a dose of huggy love today.


BigCat said...

That sounds like a lovely Friday.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and good advice. It's always much appreciated.

Jenaveve said...

Wow Maureen, I just love this photo. I am picturing myself at the table, puttering away with some sort of stitchery, yapping away with you all about my latest Artist's Date... one can dream.

And there is nothing more lovely than pottering around at home sometimes.

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