Saturday, August 9, 2008

Judy...this one's for YOU

(l->r me and Judy post Sine Die)

Judy is my dear friend and former workmate. (She is now also my link back to the world of politics, intrigue and just plain inside gossip.) She is also my one publicly acknowledged regular reader. Perhaps there are others, but Judy told me!

I had been lamenting the fact that I hadn't found other local bloggers as I am really interested in going to Blog-her out in San Francisco next year. Well, sometimes one asks a question out loud, and the universe comes back with an inspiration to 'try this thought'. Now it might be obvious to you, as it now is to me, but why not Google...Washington DC bloggers?!?! I did and voila! Lists of DC bloggers. Now Annapolis sure ain't the Big City, but I'm not that far outside The Beltway.

And then as I inserted the link for Blog-her, I saw that they are taking their conferences on the road, and will be both in Washington DC and in Boston in October. San Fran was only last year, and the big one next year could be up in the town where I was born...Philadelphia. Woo hoo!

So I have a fall goal...reach and and add some local reading interest to my blogland time. Perhaps I'll even find a Photoshop(PE i.e.)/graphics/html guru. No ...I KNOW I will!

Judy, thanks for being my listening post. (btw, this girl has just had shoulder surgery and the Dr. said it looks just like stab wounds. How funny is that!)

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Jenaveve said...

What a great idea! Good luck with the local blogger hunt.

And I'm also a regular reader (I have your blog come through my Bloglines feeder so I never miss an update!!)

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