Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fisherboy checks in

Fairweather Range

I had a nice call from fisherboy up in Alaska. He and dgrandson are having a great time. I'm told that dgs's mouth tends to just hang open in awe as he sees the magnificent scenery of that state. They also got to call my ds who is halfway round the world, nearly 12 hrs away from Alaska. Technology...ya gotta love it.

Today the 'boys' went up to Mendenhall glacier which dh and I explored back in 2000. DH says it is receding at the rate of 300-500ft a year, and so they had to do a lot more walking to get to it. I'm soo glad dgs was able to make this trip and I can tell dh is enjoying the company. DGS was 6 when we got married and it's been so nice to have a grandfather to add to me as a grandmother.

Tomorrow they start their fishing - halibut and salmon - and I hope to hear that this 2007 photo has been duplicated.

Dick with a keeper

And what did I do today??? Went to the Farmers' Market and got some upscale food pour moi..rosemary and hazelnut bread, seafood soup. a box of mixed mushrooms, and a berry tart. Betwixt and between working on a lot of ATC cards, I watched a dvd of MI-5 (I'm in the middle of season 3) and reorganized my studio so I can get some of the a/c on the tall work table. A good day all around for our family.

Tomorrow I clean and esp deal with all the semi-hidden areas where dear Sebastian has lost his cookies dinner. Oh yeah...I have to clean defrost one of the freezers in anticipation!

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Lisa said...

What a breathtaking place to visit. All the better that you will be able to stock your freezer with lovely healthy fish.

It sounds like you are making your time special too.

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