Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from vacation means...

Well if you've read me earlier, you know I don't mind the laundry at all. One batch is on the line and the other is on its way. So only whites are left and there's no urgency for that since we are in that part of the curve where we each have lots of smalls...or in plain English...underwear.

My emails have been answered (mostly done on vacation which is a snap with Mac's MobileMe) and I'm caught up with my Swap=Bot swapping and rating. I've thought of some of the postcards and atcs I'm doing so now it's just get them from head to paper and then mailed out in September.

The bugaboo hanging over my head this week is The Camera. Since we didn't manage to take a cable between our two wise and experienced heads, there are WhoKnowsHowMany pictures on each camera. I fear to plug the cable in. But I have verified, much to my shame, that it is the leaving the camera plugged into the computer after I have uploaded pictures which drains the battery. I get so excited seeing them appear on the screen, I forget to pull the plug. This is one time that pulling the plug is a Good Thing - a la Martha.

Well...the answer is 280 pictures from my camera. There are more I took on dh's but I'll just deal with these today.

We are happily dealing with these - 2 suitcases full of peppers, all waiting to be roasted, bagged and frozen. We try to do this every two years.
Big Jims

In addition to 40lb of Big Jim peppers from Hatch, we bought a pound of Chimayos just north of Santa Fe at one of the pueblo markets. They are the thin ones on the right.

Pepper Trio

This is the first batch of roasted Big Jims. It is now my job to pack them for the freezer. FYI 4 of these babies is equivalent to one of those little cans of Ortega or whatever. However, these have flavor AND heat as we usually leave all the seeds in. Talk about good....!!!

Roasted Big Jims

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