Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is favorite fabric store

It's terrible to pick this as I haven't sewn in YEARS but for sensual delight, I'll pick G Street Fabrics in Washington DC. It used to be on "G" Street in NW Washington, back when downtown WAS the shopping area. e.g. pre malls.

That was where I would go and get luscious material and patterns when I was a teenager. I'd come home and announce that I NEED this tomorrow night. Can you believe my mother and grandmother actually did it????? Perhaps the word spoiled comes to mind. btw, that lovely tulle and feather deal will only set you back $149. a yard. On sale now from $199. but sadly, polyester. (n.b. This is NOT one of my purchases. I was buying back in the 1960s when $10 a yard would make you faint...)

Today, if I need any kind of fabric for's usually Jo-ann's, with a coupon. I think my days of having a personal dressmaker are over. (Tho I have to say that after my years ordering my mother and grandmother around, I also had a lot of years with dressmakers in various countries of the world. Wool, Irish linen and Liberty cottons in England and loads and loads of silk in Thailand...I was much much kinder with paid dressmakers - to my now shame.)

To get loads more ideas of where to buy fabric or crafts, look at that button on the right that says This Is and you'll go off to the list at ThreeButtons. Thanks to handmaiden for this week's meme theme. (PS..Handmaiden is going to be compiling a list of all the fabric and crafty emporiums you listed in This is. Won't THAT be a treasure.)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday

Guess who came to dinner? a decade ago. Well it was actually the Christmas party which I hosted that year -1996. And in the center?

The boss...the Bammer...a pol's pol.

Love Friday

Right now because I'm home and not traveling. As delightful and fun as trips can be, I do like my own home, and I like to happily putter at what I want to do. Admittedly my weekdays are rather like other peoples' weekends but what the h. It's the mood still.

Tonight? I plan to meet with other crafty people in my Artist Way group which I've sorely missed this summer. Saturday, a nice little celebration with a friend, maybe a trip to Virginia for a Middle-Eastern festival at one of the churches. I also have a good bunch of collage books from the library to give me a boost of inspiration, and ...there might even be a movie rental...just for me. Dinners will be easy, perhaps some peach cooking, and if the weather continues cool, a switch from iced tea to a pot of hot tea in the afternoon.

I love this transition into almost-fall!!! (Guess who's a September baby!!)

So what is giving you Friday love today??? This lass started this meme and it sounds as if she could use a dose of huggy love today.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Over 2,500 views of this blog, and over 5,000 views on my flickr site. Who says the internet isn't connecting us?

Need Dance Music???

Well they have this catch ditty in Uganda that might just be the talking point for your next soiree.

Circumcision Song

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On my desk...August 27

It's good to be back in the groove of making things in the a.m. Making with paper and scissors and all the ephemera that goes with atcs and postcards.

I slept until 7a.m. today but the light was still great. Soon it will be dark when I come in here so it's nice to relish in both the light and the 'approaching autumn' coolness.

A final shot of a postcard I did yesterday with one of our vacation pics. Working with a .png frame came easily - for a change. ;-)

For peeps at more desks, click the On MY Desk button on the right and you'll be wisked off to Kirsty's list. She's Kootoyou in case you're wondering.

Monday, August 25, 2008

shoplifters beware

shoplifters beware
Originally uploaded by brian & kristen

You have been warned...this is what happens in San Francisco.

Back from vacation means...

Well if you've read me earlier, you know I don't mind the laundry at all. One batch is on the line and the other is on its way. So only whites are left and there's no urgency for that since we are in that part of the curve where we each have lots of smalls...or in plain English...underwear.

My emails have been answered (mostly done on vacation which is a snap with Mac's MobileMe) and I'm caught up with my Swap=Bot swapping and rating. I've thought of some of the postcards and atcs I'm doing so now it's just get them from head to paper and then mailed out in September.

The bugaboo hanging over my head this week is The Camera. Since we didn't manage to take a cable between our two wise and experienced heads, there are WhoKnowsHowMany pictures on each camera. I fear to plug the cable in. But I have verified, much to my shame, that it is the leaving the camera plugged into the computer after I have uploaded pictures which drains the battery. I get so excited seeing them appear on the screen, I forget to pull the plug. This is one time that pulling the plug is a Good Thing - a la Martha.

Well...the answer is 280 pictures from my camera. There are more I took on dh's but I'll just deal with these today.

We are happily dealing with these - 2 suitcases full of peppers, all waiting to be roasted, bagged and frozen. We try to do this every two years.
Big Jims

In addition to 40lb of Big Jim peppers from Hatch, we bought a pound of Chimayos just north of Santa Fe at one of the pueblo markets. They are the thin ones on the right.

Pepper Trio

This is the first batch of roasted Big Jims. It is now my job to pack them for the freezer. FYI 4 of these babies is equivalent to one of those little cans of Ortega or whatever. However, these have flavor AND heat as we usually leave all the seeds in. Talk about good....!!!

Roasted Big Jims

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is favorite children's book

pottymouthmama chose this week's theme and I'm glad I have time to do this one while on vacation.

My favorite book? one I won in grade school for a writing contest. Prophetic since I later lived in Yorkshire for 7 years.

I recently watched a movie version and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a magic book to me.

Wanna see more choices? I do and will when I get back home. Click the "This is" button on the right and the list of players will come up. Have fun!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Santa Fe Opera...oh the joy of being outside in the high desert at night. It's magic!

Original photo by Jon Caves, Seattle

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ikea Hack for Crafts Table

I really like this hack on Ikea bookcases done by Kimberly Michelle. Look at the link to see the rest of the work she and Mr. M did on it. Nice up to date look with basic stock.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Brief Hello

Well we are happily in New Mexico now after some nice family time in the Phoenix area. Hot? oh my yes, but not unbearable, hovering in the 100 range even at 10pm. The mornings were balmy 85ish but by 8:30-9:00a.m. it was getting hot.

Today was a lot of driving, as it often is in these huge states, but we went thru areas we have visited before such as the Tonto National Forest and the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. Most of the other visitors we met were Europeans thanks to the weak dollar. Glad to see them spending money and enjoying themselves.

Once a winter I usually have a big, rare steak or prime rib and that is sufficient. That is almost how I feel about the Southwest. I wouldn't really want to live out here but I love getting a dose of the vast, wide open space and the high desert scenery. It's really soul food I think.

Sadly all the pictures we have taken still reside inside our cameras as the upload cords are back in Maryland. Perhaps we'll find a cable tomorrow.

Otherwise, imagine us at the Canyon de Chelly (pronounces Shay) and then up to the 4 Corners area where 4 states meet. Wednesday we head on down to Santa Fe and a bit more urban atmosphere. Well a lot more urban but still high desert. We are expecting a low of 47 tonight.

Food as Art

Oh oh oh does this girl know how to take food to the next level. The whole recipe is there and that sweet little dragonfly is ricotta, sage leaves, and chives. But only Marysol would dream it up and do it. Don't you wish you were eating in her house tonight?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday is for Sinners

I'm proud of my sloth.

Roots and Wings had this and while I certainly don't believe in a god who would send me to hell for any of this, I think it's rather accurate.

Greed:Very Low


Wrath:Very Low


Envy:Very Low

Lust:Very Low


Discover Your Sins - Click Here

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Flashback Friday

My two younger chicks...summer of 1978 'preparing' to move to Iran.

Little did we know...

Love Friday...I need It!

I finally did it...stabbed my finger with the knife. The price one pays for Art!

Otherwise, I'm happy to be getting ready for a trip out West - grandchildren and opera, and oh yes...Big Jim chiles to be roasted when we return.

And what's goin' on round your way this Friday? Check out Big Cat's Emporium to see who is sharing their Friday Love.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorry I haven't seen you

Busy busy busy....grrrr.

On My Desk...August 13

Well today is a mess.

But that is because yesterday, I finished up some ATC bases and then spent a long - a very long time! - trying to teach myself something in PhotoshopElem. Filling a single text character with images. I did at least finally figure out how to make a Brush stamp stick to the image I was working on... I seem to have misplaced my PE book also so it was a clear off the computer desk last night from the multiple printings and clean out a few piles of papers today.

Yesterday was a fun day despite my graphics-grief. DH had one of his Boys Night In dinners, and we started the day at the Tuesday 7am Farmers' Market. Not too many vendors on Tuesdays but enough to get what we needed.

He surveys the stalls.

Pretty maids all in a row...ready to be eaten!

Hippie Chick, as I call her, has great blackberries...with yoghurt and granola, a wonderful breakfast.

Sebastien is overwhelmed by the idea of 8 men showing up for dinner.

Dick works on the halibut as the rice and tomato/green beans wait.

A perfect summer evening.

There are even MORE desks to be seen over at the button on the right...On My Desk. That will take you to Kirsty's list of meme players.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Local Lad Makes

While I have never been an Olympics watcher, and we don't have cable anymore to watch the total coverage, this pic on my BBC feed made me smile. Phelps is from Baltimore which is about 25 miles north of me.
Phelps takes Gold.

This is... a work in progress

Not a lot to show on the desks today since I got the Fairy ATCs out to the post office along with a swap postcard. But this is what it looked like mid day yesterday.

The template I found on line for an ATC envelope, and then the finished cards. I really stuffed the envelope and hope my partner likes the extras too.

Today will be a peach festival midday and a good bit of house lounging. What kind of fun thing will you be doing today?
* * * * * * * *
Thanks for this week's theme goes to DebbieHill. To see all the players on Angela's meme, click the button on the right that says "This is" and you'll see a LOT.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh Those Pom-Pom Makers

Judy...this one's for YOU

(l->r me and Judy post Sine Die)

Judy is my dear friend and former workmate. (She is now also my link back to the world of politics, intrigue and just plain inside gossip.) She is also my one publicly acknowledged regular reader. Perhaps there are others, but Judy told me!

I had been lamenting the fact that I hadn't found other local bloggers as I am really interested in going to Blog-her out in San Francisco next year. Well, sometimes one asks a question out loud, and the universe comes back with an inspiration to 'try this thought'. Now it might be obvious to you, as it now is to me, but why not Google...Washington DC bloggers?!?! I did and voila! Lists of DC bloggers. Now Annapolis sure ain't the Big City, but I'm not that far outside The Beltway.

And then as I inserted the link for Blog-her, I saw that they are taking their conferences on the road, and will be both in Washington DC and in Boston in October. San Fran was only last year, and the big one next year could be up in the town where I was born...Philadelphia. Woo hoo!

So I have a fall goal...reach and and add some local reading interest to my blogland time. Perhaps I'll even find a Photoshop(PE i.e.)/graphics/html guru. No ...I KNOW I will!

Judy, thanks for being my listening post. (btw, this girl has just had shoulder surgery and the Dr. said it looks just like stab wounds. How funny is that!)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashing way back - a 1937 photo of dh's older sister taken at a Catholic grade school outside Washington DC. It's interesting to note that even then, girls had that naughty habit of scratching out a face of someone they didn't like. Evelyn was 8 at the time, and I believe she is the girl at the far left in the 4th from the bottom row.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On My Desk...August 5

Well this has been my desk for part of this week, down in the kitchen using the kitchen table. Unfortunately, I realized later that I had put the setting on close up, so there is an unfortunate unusual quality to the shot. (The only reason I am able to use the kitchen table is because dh is not home to be eating his 3 square a day here.)

I made good progress on some ATCs and feel I am getting a better handle on both creating them, and actually fabricating them. I really would like to take a class/be in a group making them. Ok, so this is putting that out there, so I'll wait and see what the universe comes up with.

(Now click that On My Desk button over on the right to see more desks and works in progress.)

I also heard from the fisherboys who reached their 100lb halibut limit for the day today and again called my son out in the desert lands. My dgs is getting an eyeball workout with all the scenery and the animal life...seeing whales frolicking up close and personal. I could tell from Dick's voice how much he is loving the company of a young 'un and the opportunity to share one of his loves...Alaska and fishing.

Good thing I have one empty freezer now!

Sunday, August 3, 2008 Award!

I got an award from dear Kaija . I think my purchase from paperiaarre was either my first or second Etsy one and I just love to think I am reading a blog from someone in Finland. That seems so amazing to me. I told dh we have to go to the winter, and he just went back to reading and shaking his head. I'd love to see Real Winter Snow.

So now it's up to me to award some...oh nobless oblige suits me soo very well!! LOL

1st. Michelle over at Leni and Rose I smile because I love computer literati who can also teach. Thank you!

2nd. I smile when I think of this woman at work in what was a man's field back in 'my day'. The Creative Controller You make me smile because I have lived to see women expand their options in the workforce.

3rd. I smile when I think of Jenaveve over at August Street because she taught me about GoodReads and reminds me about healthy eating thru the low Gi diet way of eating. Good knowledge on both counts!

Back to our regular scheduled reading...

Fisherboy checks in

Fairweather Range

I had a nice call from fisherboy up in Alaska. He and dgrandson are having a great time. I'm told that dgs's mouth tends to just hang open in awe as he sees the magnificent scenery of that state. They also got to call my ds who is halfway round the world, nearly 12 hrs away from Alaska. Technology...ya gotta love it.

Today the 'boys' went up to Mendenhall glacier which dh and I explored back in 2000. DH says it is receding at the rate of 300-500ft a year, and so they had to do a lot more walking to get to it. I'm soo glad dgs was able to make this trip and I can tell dh is enjoying the company. DGS was 6 when we got married and it's been so nice to have a grandfather to add to me as a grandmother.

Tomorrow they start their fishing - halibut and salmon - and I hope to hear that this 2007 photo has been duplicated.

Dick with a keeper

And what did I do today??? Went to the Farmers' Market and got some upscale food pour moi..rosemary and hazelnut bread, seafood soup. a box of mixed mushrooms, and a berry tart. Betwixt and between working on a lot of ATC cards, I watched a dvd of MI-5 (I'm in the middle of season 3) and reorganized my studio so I can get some of the a/c on the tall work table. A good day all around for our family.

Tomorrow I clean and esp deal with all the semi-hidden areas where dear Sebastian has lost his cookies dinner. Oh yeah...I have to clean defrost one of the freezers in anticipation!

This is trade secret

Hmm...this is a hard one. The main thing I think I am pretty darn good at right now is cooking sooo....

FinishedCooktop Island

After all, it is my blog title! Good equipments certainly helps anyone, but I think any reader here knows I love my kitchen. (Once more, many many thanks to my dh for making it happen. And thank you for putting up with my pot and pan collecting...)

Click the "This is..." button on the right to see more players of Three Button's game. Thanks to Amelia for this great theme. Try saying the name of her blog outloud...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashback Friday

My dh and his older sister (age 10) summer 1939. He was already pondering something

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