Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On My Desk...July 23

On my desk was actually last night as I wasn't sure what the a.m. was going to bring, other than a dark overcast day. Not much difference in light.

Paperwork. I needed to get some old divorce documents to fax to the government now that my ex-h has retired and pensions are in place. In many ways it's so much easier now with fax and voicemail. I look at the one letter I received back in 1992 and it actually was written with a typewriter.

But now all that paperwork can be put away and I will have a CLEAN desk to work on those ATC cards. They are certainly a challenge to me with that small size but I have an idea that amuses me (at least) and if I can get it from my head to paper, I will be quite pleased with myself. Now I just want to get the computer table cleared off, the rest of the scanning for Dick done and I'll feel quite happy.

So to see more desks, go to the On My Desk button on the right of this page and click away to see some more Wednesday players. Have fun!


Annalisa Backlund said...

Yes - the digital age is quite funny. A guy at work tracked down his estranged wife of ten years via a website called something like! Nice neat looking desk! :)

CurlyPops said...

Your desk looks really neat, even with piles of paper!
Those government papers remind me that it's tax time over here.....

Kirsty said...

I agree with Cam. When I'm paperworking it's just a heap of white I really can't make sense of

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