Wednesday, July 2, 2008

On My Desk...July 2

Woo hoo....the best thing on my desk right now is a connection to the net. It took over half a day for the man to get us all rewired, hooked up, connected, whatever...but we are back on line, wireless, and with cable again.

So here I am writing on line again, with a load of rubbish left from cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning stuff while I had no connection. I must say I got a lot out, but there's still a bunch to file away. It's always hard for me to determine where some things that have never had a place in this room. (I'm still unearthing things from pre-renovation.)

But this was on my desk last week, and awaits the names for an 080808 postcard swap. I enjoyed using a free download template from Creative Memories on line. I'm never quite sure of what I'm doing but I'm having fun! The journal swap will go to the postoffice as soon as I watch a MI-5 episode that has to go back to the library today.

You can Check out more desks at Kirsty's blog.


CameoRoze said...

I go a little nuts when I'm without the internet for too long. Nice to have you back! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Cameo @-->-->---

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure how you managed without the 'net! I would have gone a little crazy, for sure.

A postcard swap? The more I peek around on swap-bot, I keep finding more and more things that people like to swap that I'd never even think of! And half of the things I don't know what they are - like inchies. Your postcards look gorgeous :)

kate said...

Wow a postcard swap? And a journal swap? What is this all about? Sounds fun!!

Hila said...

wohoo for internet connection!!

Kirsty said...

Also just back online.

I purchased the slide from iStock photo & then just layered the two images together. There was one available free with a tute at eScrappers.

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