Friday, July 4, 2008

Now what did that mean???

Have you ever wondered what your dream meant and wanted a neutral interpretation? Well you can find out at Dream Interpreter.

Dreaming of his Babu

Have fun!

Some people have asked about the postcard/journal swaps, and they come from Swap-Bot where you can find enough swaps to keep you busy till the cows come home. The journal was my 'biggest' project but in the end I found it tiresome. Check out the pics on Flickr with swap-bot as a tag to see what others have swapped.

The layout for the postcards came from a WebChallenge at the wonderful Designer Digitals . I certainly don't get to even a fraction of the challenges, but I find them good ways to have a base to test out some Photoshop Elements techniques without having to come up with an idea of my own. I need skills training and practice at this point. DD comes up with the idea and I work on my ability to manipulate the digital graphic. btw, I don't scrapbook but find that the inspiration can be used in other ways.

Happy Weekend and for those in the US, Happy Independence Day to us!

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twitchy fingers said...

I was just wondering about a dream I had last night! Thanks for the link...

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