Tuesday, June 24, 2008

watermelon dot org???

watermelon dot org???
Originally uploaded by redazadi

As I was peeling the tag off this morning (to save for collage ephemera), I noticed the website.

Now we know why watermelons have no more seeds. They have neutered themselves by all the time spent in front of the computer, doing the watermelon blog.

Off to see what the melons are saying today. ;-)


hrsj said...

mmm, fresh watermelon, will help you keep cool!
i'm curious about the watermelon spritzers,,,

Maureen said...

Spritzers...oh so simple, in my way of making.

Puree your fruit, add ice cubes and some sparkling water. I usually don't add any sugar or lemon but that's a taste matter. Enjoy!

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