Monday, June 30, 2008

This is... best thrift shop (opshop) find. Thanks to Lino Forest for this week’s theme.

This is the latest of my kitchen goodies. I’m not much into looking for clothes etc as I have no desire to thumb through the unsized racks of clothes, and then have to try them on right there and then. But I am always on the lookout for kitchen gems, not that I really need any more but it is the joy of the hunt.

I have wanted a little fryer for a long time, and looked and looked at the local thrift shops but nary a fryer. One day I did see this on freecycle and dashed over to get it that day. I had been the first one asking for it!! So this one was free really, not even thrift shop price. I used it to make something with fish I recall, but for the life of me I can’t think what. My main reason for wanting it was to make arancini, the Italian rice balls. I also want to do stuffed poppers for dh, but right now it’s just sitting in the drawer. You can see how small it is by comparing the teabag near it.

The other favorite item is also a kitchen one… a blender I have used and used sooo very much. I wanted one with a glass container, and found it finally for $10. As much as I’ve washed it, that price will not come off, and so I am constantly reminded that I got a Good Deal. What do I use it for now? In the summer, I make fruit spritzers with club soda and some lassis for breakfast. I also puree soups in it after I had my ‘bone’ disaster with the immersion blender. That too, may it r.i.p., was a thrift store Find on a trip to Chicago. It was $8. And I remember it well and fondly but I’ve learned my lesson about being really, really careful about small bones before pureeing.

To see what others snagged, check out Three Buttons list of players.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's funny. When we were selling up everything before leaving here, we sold our fryer for 50c. The person who bought it was over the moon.

Lisa said...

That fryer looks like it is in excellent nick too. What a great score. I never had any luck on Freecycle.

Oh and in answer to your question about the humidity in Dubai, round about now it kicks in and is very humid until at least September, which is why we have run away to the southern hemisphere!

Marysol said...

But M, being reminded of a great deal is a good thing. Could you maybe paint a little butterfly over the price tag? ;-Þ

Btw, I'm on a quest for a good food mill. Why? Because I gave my last one away. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Enjoy your newly-found treasures.

one little acorn said...

Great finds. Love the blender/vitamiser especially.

Bird Bath said...

they look like great, practical finds. My hubby keeps insisting we need a deep fryer for schnitzels but I'm not so sure... the rice balls sound yummy.

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