Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is ....the space in which I create (and created)

This week's great theme comes from Michelle, the Quilting Mick . My primary creative space is my kitchen.

Kitchen in snow

I have loved to cook since I was a young teenager and saw Julia Child on tv, slapping her hindquarters and saying you need to show the butcher where you want a cut. Butcher? that wasn't a concept in the rapidly growing suburban lifestyle. But a seed was planted, I learned how to make a great quiche, and still have the recipe for African Pickled Peaches from a 1960s Gourmet magazine. Living all around the world only opened my eyes and taste buds to all sorts of food and cooking styles. It was wonderful.

Fast forward to 2001 and I am married to my 2nd husband and he says the magic words...Anything I can do to make your cooking easier... And we plunged like fools into renovation. There is a whole Flickr collection of 11 sets about that project.

By this point, dh had built me an island to test out the concept and I finally had a cooktop that could boil water. We also bought and installed some Ikea drawers to see if I really liked having drawers. OMIGOD, did I!!!

She has it all !

I'm here showing how happy I am with the test island and marvy Fisher and Paykel cooktop. Note the little jar of chimichurri sauce on the red formica. Yum!

No deck, no patio

June/July 2004 the back porch and deck were gone, and then the foundation for the addition was laid.

digging  the footing

There was a lot of this kind of examination of the blueprints

studying the prints

to get to this point.

MMR at imaginary cooktop

But by fall I was chiseling away at the stone for the new bathroom.

MMR thru the new patio door

And Christmas 2004 was simple.

Merry Christmas - 2004

By Jan 2005, we were waiting for the soapstone counters.

full wall

and on a bitter cold day they arrived.


The final time was over 14 months from breaking ground till the final punchout items.

It tested a new marriage, but we learned pretty well then that we are on the same team, and that our different ways of thinking CAN be complimentary, not combative. We didn't want to make our contractor the enemy either so we had to talk, cry and work our way through want WE wanted vs what I want and what you want, so that we could put a united front in discussions. That was hard because until something came up I know I couldn't always see what I wanted. It was easier to see what I didn't want. (Life lesson for me???)

But this IS my creation and my creative workspace...and I love it.

Fireplace to DR

Want to see other spaces? come on, you know you do!! Then check out Angela at ThreeButtons . She maintains the list of players.


Serena said...

Lovely kitchen, it's probably about the same size as my whole apartment..... (that's the price you pay to live in an inner city location)

Lisa said...

Just last week you were saying my husband is a keeper. Right back at you.

What a beautiful kitchen, and lovely to see you basking in each stage of it's creation.

Jenny said...

Oh I love it too-what a wonderful kitchen-no wonder you like spending so much time there. Loved reading your renovation story too and if your relationship can survive renovations it can survive anything!

Sasparilla Sue said...

Your kitchen turned out beautifully. It sounds like you and your husband learned a lot about each other during those 14 months.

hrsj said...

Oh wow Maureen, your kitchen is beautiful! I agree with you that doing a reno during early marriage can be something!
You have beautiful success here, I'm glad I came to see it!

danica said...

That is one of the best kitchens I have ever seen, Maureen! It looks like something out of an interior design magazine!

Bird Bath said...

WoW! that kitchen is a beauty..Those glass doors are stunning. Loved seeing the blow by blow account of how it came together. We have just experienced the stress of renovating - albeit on smaller scale.
You must really be enjoying your creation...that let's you keep on creating!

Hila said...

You have a dream kitchen - so spacious and white and I love the view from the windows. Great space!

BigCat said...

It's a stunning kitchen. A wonderful space to create.

CurlyPops said...

I love looking at renovation pics, especially of kitchens. Dont you just love drawers! I installed drawers instead of cupboards too and they're so much better!I love the soapstone benchtops too, they look fantastic (pity they were out of my price range)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Oh I was hoping you`d have a lovely kitchen space to show us in this week`s theme. It`s fabulous - and what a great hubby!

It`s funny, just last week, I was looking at my pathetically small japanese kitchen (with no oven - Japanese apartments don`t have ovens) and was thinking `I bet Maureen has a fabulous kitchen` ;) Right I was!

Lorih said...

This kitchen is gorgeous! We're house shopping right now and a well-outfitted kitchen is one of our priorities (my husband cooks and I bake). Yours is one to strive for!

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