Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On my desk...June 11

Today is clean off the desk day. A lot of crapola to sort out, throw away (aargh!!). put away. I want to see wood!

Some of it is the debris from the Artist Way group's studio day at my house last Sunday. I had help in doing this 6 Element (ONLY) ATC. I think ATCs are too small for me to enjoy right now...too much looking for fiddly little things. I may try it again sometime, but not with such a structured theme. Lesson learned.

And this lump of fluff is dryer vent fluff to add to candlewax in paper egg carton cups. Yes, highly flammable and that's the starters which will be gifts for those friends who have wood burning fireplaces. Ours is gas...which is good and bad. Good cause it's f.a.s.t but bad cause you lose that scent of woodburn. At our age, the ease won out.

Noting all the orange. Hmmm. Orange means change so I guess I better get off my computer butt and start that a.m. tidying. btw, first day in 3 days that it promises to be under 100ish. I came into this room at 6am and could open the window again! so nice to feel the breeze, and there is one. I accept our Maryland summer but I like the cool end of it best.

Ok, nuff from me...check out other desks and have a visit with Kirsty.

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mill said...

Dryer vent fluff as a fire starter? How intriguing!

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